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Name: Wilhelmina "Minna" Blackmore

Name at birth: Wilhelmina Briallen MacDonnell 

Nicknames: "Shadow", "Minna"

Age: 20 seasons

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Weapons: Will use her teeth if necessary, but her primary weapon's a long, double-pawed claymore. Blackmore forged her sword herself and literally tempered the blade in the blood of an enemy: She rammed the still-glowing blade through a weasel's chest, through his left lung and out his back, then calmly turned the blade until the metal cooled, ignoring the dying screams of her victim.

Appearance: Minna has a tall, muscular build, coal-black fur, a Highland accent, and eyes such a deep brown they almost appear black. Old scars slash across her paws and rudder, she never talks about how she got them. Her left cheek and the left side of her mouth are scarred, giving her a permanent half-"Glasgow grin". Minna wears a black tunic, a black and brown tartan plaid, a lightweight steel cuirass, greaves and gauntlets, and a matching helmet.

Personality: partially-psychotic. Courageous, willing to fight for the right, polite and kindly to goodbeasts, but enjoys torturing her enemies to death.

Roles: Rebel Leader

Affiliation: Rebels

Minna's clan motto has always been "Forged in blood, tempered in battle."

Musical theme: Drowning Pool's Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

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