420px-Dalanora by Jump

Dalanora planning her revenge on Garanis

Real name: Dalanora O'Rallaghaigh

Nickname: "Nightdeath", she goes by both her nickname and real name interchangeably

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Age: Thirty

Place of Origin: a holt in the far North Highlands

Occupation: Warrior, former slave

Weapons: Dirk, double-pawed claymore, teeth and claws, bloodwrath

Marital status: Widowed

Family: (all deceased) Her husband, Tallion O'Railey and their four baby kits, sons Jir and Varon and daughters Driana and Acair

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Appearance: Dalanora's a tall, thin otter. Her right eye's green, her left eye's blind. Her fur's black except for her birthmark, a dark brown splotch covering her head; it makes her look like she's wearing an executioner's hood. Nightdeath's attractive, but has a long, deep scar running across the left side of her face from her forehead, across her eye and cheek down to her chin, the scar stops just before reaching her neck. She keeps her blind eye covered by a musselshell patch. She wears a red tunic, a blue vest, a red and blue checked kilt and a sturdy pair of sandals.

Personality: Dalanora carries a small, carved ebony ocarina with her on a cord around her neck under her tunic and shows many of her emotions through the music she plays on it. She has a heavy Highland accent. In battle she's a fierce warrior, fighting solely to kill.

Back Story:

Dalanora used to live in peace in a little holt on the Northeast coast with her beloved family.

Tallion was killed while helping protect another holt from an attack, leaving a devastated, widowed Dalanora to raise their babies alone.

When a wolverine warlord named Garanis captured and enslaved her, Dalanora lost her eye in the battle while trying to protect her kits: She was hit in the face with an obsidian axe while she was standing in front of her babies, trying to protect them with her husband's claymore. While the otter was down on the ground screaming and helpless in agony, her kits were slaughtered in cold blood in front of her face on Garanis' orders. Seeing this twisted Dalanora's mind from the kind beast she used to be and brought the bloodwrath upon her.

She spent a long time as one of Garanis' slaves, seeing many fellow slaves and friends murdered in front of her for his amusement. Soon after her enslavement, Dalanora adopted "Nightdeath" as her name. Her husband called her by her true name, and she refuses to let anybeast use it except the creatures she trusts the most.


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