Mersey Apila

Mersey Apila was the smallest planet in the Delta Pavonis System. A cold planet orbiting at the outer edge of its star's habitable zone, it was kept relatively warm by its atmosphere, which is mostly composed of CO2. It was a damp, boggy world, prone to excessive rain and seasonal flooding. A relatively flat surface prevented water from pooling into large oceans and instead keeps the water table high. There were a number of small seas however, fed by wide, shallow rivers - a product of the planet's active weather system. There are a number of settlements on the surface, but the largest population center by far was its capital, Uyenine, known among smugglers as the city of Blackhill- a major center of trade.

The atmosphere was mainly carbon dioxide and a good seventy-five percent of the land was swampland. It had a single tiny satellite of its own called Niomea. The natives named their moon after a benevolent deity.

One of the humans born on Mersey Apila was Jake Skirans, a good childhood friend of Kyle Harrington and Firmus Piett (LadyVader).

Mersey Apila, like Coruscant, had its dark side. It was often considered to be beyond the reach of the law; a number of illicit goods were traded here, including slaves. The laws and rulings of the Galactic Republic (LadyVader) didn't extend out this far, meaning they were free to engage in the slave trade. . . that is, until Jemmer Kawazio and Rathe Vindex found them.

Humans, along with several other alien governments, have established penal colonies on this world. Swamps and bogs cover much of the surface.

Native species

Of Niomea: Arrick

Plants: Shrismine, Astrory, Levisticum polyvandra, Eagle's deerstongue

Notable locations on Mersey Apila

Knosp River

Cyhent Run






Nkeni Crystal Mines




Relelp Marsh

Battles occurring here

Siege in Relelp Marsh