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name=Kathara Zenn

homeworld= Bothawui (LadyVader)



species= Bothan

gender= Female


hair= Black, white fur on her hands


affiliation= Rebel Alliance

(text of the quote)—Kathara Zenn

Kathara Zenn was a Jedi... (expand and explain)


She was born Ok'tra Wist y'ka

Early life

Oktra had diabetes early in




Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

Behind the scenes

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Physical description: Zenn had a petite build and almost jet black fur. A blaze of white fur blossomed in the middle of her brow and splashed across her left eye and cheek to narrow again at the left corner of her jaw. White also sheathed her hands.

Weapons: Bronze-bladed lightsaber, twin blaster pistols

History: Zenn was born on Bothawui under the name Oktra Wist'yka and attended the planet's top medical academy. Once she graduated, she entered Bothan Intelligence and was sent to Coruscant. She met Mon Mothma there and joined the Rebel Alliance.   Oktra never talked about a big part of her past, for her own safety: She was one of the Jedi who escaped Order 66. She adopted the name Kathara Zenn as a nickname to hide her real identity.


Family of Oktra: