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Aratech Nightscythe

Aratech Nightscythe


name= Firmus Apollo Piett's Aratech Nightscythe

manufacturer= Aratech

line= Nightscythe

model= speeder bike

|class= |cost= |modifier= |hidet= |sysmods= |length= |width= |height= |mass= |max accel= |speed= |engine= |poweroutput= |power= |shield gen= |hull= |sensor= |target= |navigation= |maincomp= |countermeasures= |armament=

complement= 1 to 2

crew= 1

passengers= 1 (possible)

|capacity= |cargohandling= |consumables= |lifesupport= |communications= |othersystems= |hideu=

availability= Not available for public sale

|role= |firstuse= |retired= |era= |affiliation= |modules=

"Last night I intended to slap Mister Piett with so many demerits he wouldn't be able to graduate for three years. . . .that speeder jockey got drunk and defaced the left wall of the campus. . . but this morning, he apologized to me and repainted the campus wall himself. It looks better than ever before now."- Bannob Tahai

Firmus Piett's Aratech Nightscythe was a swift, agile speeder bike used by a young Firmus Piett (LadyVader) during his Academy days.


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