Avaria Beillane was a Dathomiri Nightsister, born 36 BBY on Dathomir (LadyVader) to the Stormstride clan in the Dreaming River Coven. Her mother, Force Witch Alcina Beillane, had always wanted a little girl. She recorded in her journal that the day Avaria was born was the happiest day of her life.

Affiliation: Dreaming River Coven

{{Alliance to Restore the Republic}}



Birth: 36 BBY



Eyes: Yellow-green

Gender: Female

Hair: Silver

Height: 2.23 {{Imperial standard meter|meters}}

Homeworld: Dathomir

Masters: Mother Kurzhal Vyshara

Name: Avaria Beillane Piett

Nickname: "Nightjump"

skin: Pale gray/white skin

Species: Dathomirian

Personality: Avaria tended to be quiet and didn't often take the initiative in opening conversations unless she could see that someone could use a person to talk to or someone to guide them. When she was approached, beings found that she was normally very friendly and willing to help others. She tended to slip back and forth between the infamous Dathomirian seriousness and a very cheerful personality, depending on the situation. Avaria was a very determined person who seldom gave up when she set her mind to doing something. The hard times in her life proved her resolve, however, and she approached even the most difficult challenges with an intention to succeed.

Early Years on Dathomir

Avaria grew up in the coven at her mother's side, learning the ways of her people. Growing up in a village dominated by Force using women, Avaria was trained in the use of Allyan Magic by her mother. Although she knew a great variety of spells, she showed a particular talent for the Spell of Storm.

Clan Mother Vyzhara took her on as her personal assistant when she was eight Dathomirian years of age, training her.


First use of an energy bow


Later in life, Avaria left Dathomir and went into the smuggling business. She gave herself the call name "Nightjump".

Her first ship, Rancor's Shadow, was an Aurek-Class tactical strike fighter with her custom touch, an odd yet distinctive design, black rancors rearing on either side of the cockpit. Her first job was smuggling illicit drugs from Imperial forces across enemy lines to aid the Republic's medical facilities.

Joining the Rebellion

When Simara Mothma found out Avaria was doing this, she asked to see her one on one in person, thanked her for her service and offered her an official position in the Rebel Alliance.

Capture by the Imperials


Ventress' homecoming

Mother Talzin as a relieved Kurzhal Vyzhara and Asajj Ventress as a rescued Avaria Beillane

Falling in love

Firmus and Avaria

Firmus and Avaria Piett in a special moment

Backstory- Avaria was originally created as a human character during the rough first draft of the story, but was retconned in the second draft into a Dathomiri Nightsister.