The assassin's masterwort was native to the planet Naboo (LadyVader) and were known for their elastic qualities. They were usually planted outside of large buildings as a deterrent to suicides and accidental falls, as they were capable of cushioning the fall of someone, even from a height of 150 stories tall.

The plant was first discovered by Athiel Oka, a Dathomiri bioscientist, and named by her assistants, Marcus Piett and Augisa Ramrand.

Instances of the plant saving lives

A heartsick Firmus Piett (LadyVader), went to the roof of Simara Mothma (LadyVader)'s office building after feeling the Force connection between him and Avaria Beillane Piett cut off, not knowing she was drugged and unconscious, and after leaving a note, put the padd under his hat and took a running jump from the roof.

Note Firmus left

I felt the bond break. Mitawa cante, Avaria. . . I loved her with everything in me and still do. . . . My life is meaningless now. I am only breathing and walking, just a shell. Avaria was my life, my soul, my everything, my only reason for living. I put an end to the shell that remains.

His fall was broken by an assassin's masterwort. A horrified Mothma witnessed the jump and got to him before he could attempt again.